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Saving Energy = Saving Money

Are your Commercial Utility Bills too High?

When it comes to business costs, there are no little savings. According to the organisation of your energy consumption, your company can reduce the cost of its utility bills. Many different suppliers of water, business electricity or business gas offer special plans adapted to your business needs.

Pick the one that suits best your budget and requirements. Compare Energy First Agreed Suppliers in Business utility bills and get free quotes and information within 48 hours, with no obligation.


Commercial Utilities Direct can save you money!


We can save you money on Electricity, Gas, Telecoms and Utility Management. A cheap electricity supply is the first step to reducing your overall utility bills substantially. The switch to a new business electricity supply is fast and hassle free and we can help find you the best deals around.

Energy First Helped Our Printing business cut utility overheads by 15% in one year. A saving of nearly £1000! Energy First took the hassle out of finding the cheapest and best suppliers. Thank You.” Paul Gregor, ERC Print


Whatever business you are in, the energy that you consume will represent an important portion of your overheads. We understand that it is essential for you to control these costs.

  • Clearly presented prices and quotations
  • Flexible contract packages to meet your business needs
  • Fixed prices for the entire contract term – giving you peace of mind
  • Regular, accurate and on-time billing
  • Good energy advice from experienced energy advisors
  • Hassle free transfer from your current supplier

Find out today how much you can save on your utility bills in the UK! Contact Us now!