About Us

About Us
DD1 Designs is a small web site and graphic design firm run by Malcolm Gibb. Located in Dundee, a sunny City in Scotland(UK); DD1 has grown up around a very technologically emerging city.

The name ‘DD1’ originates from the postcode(Zip code) ‘DD1’ in Dundee as a tribute to the fair city of Dundee and its technological abilities. Originating from Abertay University, Malcolm Gibb is the sole trader of DD1 Designs and manages the projects that are undertaken. Customer satisfaction is a must for DD1.Designs and we will guarantee you money back if you are unhappy with our service, and to date nobody has asked for a refund!

With over 8 years experience designing, maintaining and creating websites and web applications; DD1 Designs know how to do it right. The Internet is always changing and it is vital to stay up to date with the latest technologies and standards to be noticed in a competitive environment. DD1 Designs are dedicated to ‘Designing the Future’ of Web Design, so if you are looking for your first web site or a re-design of an existing application, choosing DD1 Designs is a step in the right direction.

Malcolm Gibb